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New Hampshire Custodians Join Teamsters Local 633

On January 20, the New Hampshire Public Employee Labor Relations Board certified Teamsters Local 633 as the bargaining representative for custodians at the Weare middle and elementary schools in Weare, N.H. The workers joined the Teamsters seeking job protections, economic fairness and overall improvements to their working conditions.

Tom Murphy, one of the 14 custodians, made the initial call to the Teamsters to organize. Murphy had experience as a Teamster while working at another school district and as a driver at UPS.

“We need to bring up the standards. In my previous job, we did the exact same work, but were better compensated because we were Teamsters. And I look at custodians as just as important as anybody else in the school,” Murphy said.

“In these tight economic times, working men and women are realizing more than ever the value of having a union to protect their rights and improve their working conditions. We welcome this latest addition to the Local 633 family,” said David W. Laughton, Secretary-Treasurer of Teamsters Joint Council 10 and Local 633.

Dates for contract negotiations are currently being scheduled. Teamsters Local 633, located in Manchester, N.H., represents more than 4,000 members throughout New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont and Rhode Island.