PulteGroup Resolution


WHEREAS, residential construction workers in Arizona and Nevada, with the help of the Building Justice Campaign (the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades District Council 15 and the Sheet Metal Workers International Association), are fighting to improve their pay, benefits and working conditions and to have a voice
in the workplace; and

WHEREAS, national corporations rule the homebuilding industry in the Southwestern states and set the standard for how workers who build the homes and customers who buy the homes are treated; and

WHEREAS, PulteGroup is the nation’s largest residential construction corporation; and

WHEREAS, PulteGroup has the moral responsibility to treat homeowners fairly and to ensure that the contractors who operate on its construction sites provide fair treatment and good working conditions for the workers;

BE IT RESOLVED, that the International Brotherhood of Teamsters will inform and educate its members and their families about how PulteGroup treats the workers who build its houses and the customers who buy them; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the International Brotherhood of Teamsters will ask its members to stand in solidarity with and take action to support these residential construction workers as they fight to win justice.