Union Label Printing


WHEREAS, the printing trades have evolved from the slow, labor-intensive hand press of Guttenberg to the fast-paced digital printing that is available today, and

WHEREAS, printing trade unions and their members have fostered and embraced those evolutions, while assuring that the people who are producing the printed products are well trained, capable and skilled craft workers who are compensated with reasonable benefits and paid a fair wage, and

WHEREAS, printed products remain an effective form of communication, including newspaper and magazine advertising, fliers, posters, postcards, door hangers, booklets, newsletters, announcements, invitations, silk-screen T-shirts, banners and much more, and

WHEREAS, the encouraged union label in the printing industry is the trademarked GCC/IBT label, and Teamster locals with collective bargaining agreements representing printers can voluntarily apply for a GCC/IBT label.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that all Teamster affiliates should have all their printed materials produced in union shops that possess a trademarked GCC/IBT, Teamster or other union label and that all such work should prominently bear such recognized union labels.