Vision, Solidarity, Action: Stop The War On Workers


WHEREAS, the jobs, wages, and benefits of tens of millions of Americans are under assault by a coordinated War on Workers, and

WHEREAS, the War on Workers is being conducted at every level of American society — in the workplace, in the mass media, in City Halls, State Houses, and the nation’s Capitol, and

WHEREAS, in order to Stop the War on Workers, the American people need a strong, united, and vibrant labor movement, and

WHEREAS, the Teamsters Union is the most visible, strongest, and vibrant union in America, and

WHEREAS, millions of Americans look to the Teamsters Union as a leader in the fight to Stop the War on Workers,

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that, the Teamsters Union will unite with all those who share our Vision of an America where working people have the following rights:

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the delegates to the 28th International Convention will work to build Action Plans through the Local Unions, Joint Councils, and the International Union that:

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that Teamster leaders who are delegates to this 28th Convention will make every effort in the course of the next six months of campaigning for International Union office to refrain from public pronouncements that can be used by the enemies of workers to undermine the strength of our union and our common fight to Stop the War on Workers.