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Pharmaceutical Warehouse Workers Join Local 79

On September 29, workers at McKesson Pharmaceutical in Lakeland, Florida voted to join Local 79 in Tampa. There are 162 workers in the bargaining unit.

The warehouse workers are seeking dignity and respect on the job, and fairness.

“Despite a vicious anti-worker, anti-union campaign waged by the company, the workers remained united and won this for themselves and for their families,” said Ken Wood, President of Local 79. “Now we will focus on negotiating a strong contract for the workers that addresses all their concerns.”

“The company hired a union-busting law firm and management held three-hour meetings with workers daily over the past several weeks,” said Randy Pines, Local 79 Organizer and Political Liaison. “The organizing committee took on the bosses at the captive-audience meetings and challenged them. This was the workers’ victory.”