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City of Concord Employees Join Teamsters Union

(San Bruno, Calif.) – On April 17, nearly 150 City of Concord employees voted overwhelmingly to become members of Teamsters Local 856. In a staggering show of solidarity, the Field and Operations and Administrative, Clerical and Technical units voted 100 percent and 93 percent respectively to join 8,000-member strong Local 856. ­­ 

The City of Concord Teamsters serve as maintenance technicians, police dispatchers, landscape gardeners, crime scene technicians and in other classifications vital to city operations. 

“We’ve never been more united,” said Greg Fabian, an equipment mechanic who has worked for the city for nine years. The election had a 90 percent voter turnout among eligible voters. 

The employees have struggled with layoffs, rising medical costs and furloughs in recent years. 

“We need better working conditions,” said landscape gardener Lance Rivera. “It gets harder to work with less. It’s great to know that Teamsters 856 is looking out for us now,” he said. 

The employees’ current Memorandum of Understanding expires June 30. The units were previously represented by Public Employees Union Local 1. 

“We’re excited about the experience the Teamsters bring to the table,” said Lisa Conner, a 10-year custodian for the city. 

Local 856 represents fellow public sector workers in San Francisco, San Bruno, Orinda, Fremont, and Millbrae as well as in other cities, counties and districts in the Bay Area, North Bay and Central Valley. The Local also has members working in private sector industries such as hotel, produce, airline and healthcare. 

“On behalf of Local 856’s entire membership, I am elated to welcome the hardworking City of Concord employees to the Teamsters Union, where they will join the 1.4 million members across North America who enjoy firsthand the dignity, strength and respect that our union carries,” said Local 856 Principal Officer Joseph Lanthier. 

Founded in 1949, Teamsters Local 856 represents 8,000 hardworking members in the San Francisco Bay Area, North Bay and Central Valley Communities.