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540 Clean Harbors Workers Join the Teamsters Union

Approximately 540 workers of Clean Harbors Industrial Services in Fort McMurray have chosen the Teamsters Union to represent them.

The organizing campaign launched in May by Teamsters Local 362 had a happy ending last Friday when the Alberta Labour Relations Board certified Teamsters following a majority vote in favour of the union.

“The workers made it very clear that they had had enough of their employer’s arbitrary decisions,” said Richard Eichel, president of Teamsters Local 362. “They want respect and an end to favouritism. I think that’s a perfectly legitimate request.”

Teamsters will meet with the new members in the weeks ahead to find out their demands before negotiating a first collective agreement on their behalf.

“I’d like to congratulate the members of Clean Harbors’ organizing committee for not being afraid to stand up for their rights,” added the union leader. “Their courage and drive made all the difference.”

Clean Harbors provides hazardous and non-hazardous waste disposal services for refineries and other industrial companies. 

The Teamsters Union represents 125,000 members in Canada in all trades. The International Brotherhood of Teamsters, with which Teamsters Canada is affiliated, has 1.4 million members in North America.