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Drivers at Sherwood Food Distributors Vote to Join Teamsters Local 264

Truck drivers who work for Sherwood Food Distributors’ Buffalo, N.Y. location have voted to join Teamsters Local 264 today. The vote was supervised by officials from the National Labor Relations Board. The eight drivers run a shuttle operation from Cleveland, Ohio, that distributes food products throughout the area, traveling as far to the east as Syracuse, N.Y.

Sherwood Foods is one of the nation’s largest independent distributors in the meat and food industry. With more than 5,000 customers and a fleet of 250 trucks, Sherwood delivers more than 16 million pounds of product each week. Like their union counterparts at other Sherwood Food locations across the country, this new group of Teamsters is seeking fair pay, affordable benefits, improved safety and job security in the workplace.

“This new group of workers is comprised of dedicated professionals who are seeking the dignity, justice, and respect that a Teamsters negotiated contract will bring,” said M. Scott Chismar, Teamsters Local 264 Director of Organizing. “We are looking forward to sitting down with the company to negotiate a labor contract within the next few weeks.” 

Teamsters Local 264 represents nearly 5,000 members throughout Western New York in both the public and private sectors.