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Majorities at TUL and AFW Say Yes to Teamster Power!

Yes, we did it! A majority of AA mechanics and related at Tulsa and Alliance Fort Worth have already signed their Teamster cards. And our brothers and sisters at other stations are rapidly signing up to support strong representation with the Teamsters.

Check out these photos of Tulsa and AFW mechanics who celebrated after reaching majority!

If you haven’t signed a card yet, click here to contact a Teamster organizer in your area and join the movement for change at AA. Share this with your coworkers so they can sign their cards, too!

We’re well on our way to making a change toward powerful Teamster representation. During these tough times for AA mechanics and related, it’s more important than ever that we have the support of a strong airline union with an unbeatable track record when it comes to representing mechanics and related in our industry. The Teamsters are the only union that can fight for us and WIN!

If you have not signed a Teamster card, we urge you to do so as soon as possible! Soon we will have a majority of cards system-wide and we’ll petition the National Mediation Board to schedule our election.

Talk to an organizer, sign your card and get involved in our exciting campaign today!

With the Teamsters We Can Win

For more information, visit www.teamster.org/aamx or call the AA Mechanics for Teamsters campaign hotline at 877-589-4951.