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Airline Division News, Week Ending February 16, 2013

UAL Negotiations Continue on Track

This week, the parties met in Chicago to continue Phase 1 (non economic) reconciliation talks on a joint combined collective bargaining agreement. With a few remaining reconciliation issues that may require further discussion, next week a small group from the Teamster committee will focus on constructing and tightening language to reflect the agreements reached in committee discussions. That language will then be available for analysis, review and edits by the entire committee the following week prior to moving forward.

The process of Phase 2 which will discuss all the components of the economic portions of the agreement including pay, job protections, and benefits such as pension and medical options is scheduled to begin in early March.

In anticipation of economic discussions, this week the negotiating team was introduced to economist Dan Akins, who has worked closely with IBT Director of Economics and Research Dr. Jim Kimball as well as the Airline Division.  Akins brings 30 years of experience to the table as an airline economist and has a deep appreciation and understanding how airline companies operate and negotiate.

Discussions will continue next week in Chicago.

TAMC hosts Tulsa American Airlines Blitz and Press Conference

Teamster mechanics from across the nation came together in Tulsa on Saturday February 16th to help their brothers and sisters at American Airlines make their final push toward election. More than twenty teams of AA and Teamster mechanics took to the streets to spread the word to those AA workers who have not yet had the chance to sign a card.

During the press conference the TAMC acknowledged the hard work of the AA mechanics and related in their effort to bring this organizing campaign to an election and the AA mechanics announced that they have reached majority at the following stations: TUL, JFK, MIA, LAX, AFW, DWH, SFO, EWR,TPA, ATL, DCA, LAS, SAT and PHX.

The media event was covered by all four TV networks and both local newspapers. The Teamsters Aviation Mechanics Coalition is the mechanics voice within the Airline Division.  With 18,000 mechanics and related the Teamsters represent more workers in the craft than any other Union.

Republic Pilots, RAH Management to Resume Discussions with NMB Mediator

Federally mediated discussions that had been suspended by the NMB over lack of progress a month ago are now scheduled to resume this week.

While the original suspension of mediation had been scheduled to end in early summer, the announcement by the company of a new contract and flying under the American Eagle banner for American Airlines was considered to be of significant importance and warranted an earlier resumption of discussions.

Discussions will take place at NMB Headquarters in Washington.

Governmental and Regulatory

Top ranking members of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee were briefed on Friday by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on its investigation of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner airplane.

Lawmakers plan to further examine examine the US Airways-American Airlines merger, but some have expressed support for consolidation in the industry.

The Federal Aviation Administration issued a request for proposals on Thursday to create six sites to test unmanned aerial vehicles.

The National Transportation Safety Board is looking at microscopic dendrites as a source of battery failure for the Boeing 787.

Airlines and Industry

The leaders of the pilot unions for US Airways and American Airlines have sent a letter to members about negotiations for the merger of the carriers, expressing their commitment for a "win-win conclusion" to the merger process.

On Monday, Boeing conducted a second test flight of its 787 Dreamliner. The flight lasted an hour and 29 minutes, and included 11 test-flight employees and two pilots.

About 60% of travelers responding to a Delta Air Lines survey oppose allowing cell phone calls or videoconferencing while onboard flights.