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Seniority Protection: A Core Value of the Teamsters

Much has been said about our seniority and how it will be protected in the merger with US Air. The importance of seniority integration cannot be overstated, but there has been a lot of false and misleading information circulated about how the Teamsters will handle seniority issues at AA.

Click here to read our new leaflet, Seniority Protection is a Teamster Core Value!

Seniority protection means everything to us. We’ve worked incredibly hard to earn our seniority at AA and that’s something that the Teamsters take very seriously. As the new leaflet explains, the Teamsters’ standard policy for mechanics and related is craft seniority. The Teamsters will honestly, fairly and aggressively fight to protect craft seniority for every member.

Further, it’s important to understand that in any seniority integration process with the Teamsters, rank-and-file membership input is of the utmost importance. Rank-and-file committees will be established at both AA and US Air to determine the best approach in handling specific issues within the seniority integration process.

The Teamsters have more experience than any other organization when it comes to fair seniority integration in the airline industry. Attorneys and mediators will be involved at AA to ensure that complex seniority integration issues are addressed in the best interest of the members. Federal law requires that unions negotiate “a fair and equitable” seniority integration in a merger. The Teamsters are in the best position at both AA and US Air and have the best record on seniority integration – they will do everything they can to fight for our seniority.

Check out the new flier on seniority integration and please share it with your coworkers. Sign a Teamster card and ask your coworkers to sign one too.

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For more information, visit the AA Mechanics for Teamsters campaign website or call the campaign hotline at 877-589-4951.