Setting The Record Straight On Outsourcing

No union has successfully fought outsourcing more than the Teamsters. While other groups have put out lies and misinformation, we forcefully stand by our record because we have consistently led the way in the fight against airline maintenance outsourcing.

Click here to read the latest factsheet, Setting the Record Straight: No Union Has Successfully Fought Outsourcing More than the Teamsters.

The new factsheet puts to rest some of the distorted and false information being spread by those who want to derail AA mechanics’ drive for Teamster representation. As the document explains, most outsourced maintenance work at UAL and CAL happened before the Teamsters came in. UAL heavy check was outsourced to China under AMFA, not the Teamsters. It’s not easy to bring back work that has been outsourced, but the Teamsters have done just that at UAL and CAL.

The Teamsters brought back 400 jobs at UAL, and we’re still fighting for more. We also brought back more than 500 mechanic jobs at CAL, including 737 and 757 check lines. The Teamsters saved 4,000 jobs at United in San Francisco, saving the base from closure and protecting jobs there with strong no-layoff language. We also reduced the SFO furlough list from 2,000 to 200 and reopened other maintenance bases.

Finally, Teamsters have led the fight against outsourcing through the Teamsters Aviation Mechanics Coalition. The TAMC has testified before Congress about the dangers of MROs and lobbied for language in the FAA reauthorization bill that will make it harder for airlines to outsource mechanics’ jobs. We organized the first successful summit against outsourcing which was attended by industry and political leaders, and our aggressive efforts have resulted in national media coverage that has raised public awareness about the dangers of outsourcing.

Read the entire factsheet here and make sure your coworkers see it, too!

The threat of outsourcing is real. We can’t afford to trivialize the issue by entertaining false and dishonest claims put out by other groups.

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With the TEAMSTERS We Can WIN!

For more information, visit the AA Mechanics for Teamsters campaign website or call the campaign hotline at 877-589-4951.