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Airline Division News, Week Ending March 16, 2013

New TSA Policy Will Undermine Security of Flying Public and Crew Members

The Transportation Security Administration’s recent decision allowing knives in the aircraft cabin is an outrageous move that will endanger the security of the flying public and the safety of thousands of flight attendants and pilots, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters said today.

The Teamsters are part of a growing coalition demanding that the new TSA policy be reversed before it takes effect on April 25.

“Since the horrific 9/11 terror attacks, the ban on dangerous objects in the aircraft cabin have helped make our nation’s airline industry the safest in the world,” said Teamsters General President James P. Hoffa. “This ban has been and continues to be an integral part of our nation’s aviation security system, ensuring the safety of both passengers and crew members. We call on the TSA to reverse this decision.”

Hoffa added that the Teamsters are fully committed to supporting the public campaign against the new TSA policy. The Teamsters union is a proud member of the 90,000-strong Flight Attendants Union Coalition leading that campaign, which includes an online petition to the White House at http://1.usa.gov/10gBQ78.

"We have spent countless hours working with our nation’s leaders, union leaders, industry leaders, and our membership to protect the American traveling public, our members, and those people on the ground,” said Capt. David P. Bourne, Director of the Teamsters Airline Division. “Under the current rules, you are allowed to transport the ‘new’ items but they must be checked items. The current rules should be continued."

“Knives don’t belong in the aircraft cabin,” Hoffa said. “The Teamsters will fight to make sure dangerous objects stay out of our skies and we’ll continue working with our allies, including the Coalition of Airline Pilots Association, which has also come out forcefully against this dangerous decision.”

NetJets Technicians and Related Negotiations Continue

The NetJets Technicians and Related Negotiating Committee met with the Company on March 12th, with International representatives Paul Alves, Chris Moore and IBT Attorney Nick Manicone assisting the negotiating committee of Paul Suffoletto, Chad Morrison, John Wolfe, Isaac Thielman, Trent Rutledge, and Carl Rollins. Company representatives Dave Makowski, Myron Becker, Julie Grenenwald, Brian Buehrer, Anthony Mosso and Jennifer Biele were also in attendance.

The negotiating session consisted of discussions surrounding Article 22, (Job Classification) with the company responding to the union’s proposal. The union spent time clarifying the Company’s proposed changes and will respond when negotiations resume in April.

The committee also met apart from the Company to finish our proposal on Article 1(Recognition) and Article 8 (Grievance Procedure). The next scheduled negotiating session is scheduled for April 2013.

This Week in Air Safety

Teamsters Local 1224 are happy to announce the formation of the Part 117 Flight/Duty Time Regulations Implementation Committee. Chairing this committee will be Atlas 747 Captain Kevin McCabe. This committee will be tasked with preparing for and monitoring member participation at the 1224 carriers where Part 117 will be implemented. The union’s goal is to work cooperatively with management to ensure a common understanding of how the new rules work and a smooth transition into the new regulations. The committee will also be reviewing clarifying questions and answers as they are published by the FAA. We fully expect that there will be a multitude of requests for legal interpretations as the 117 deadline approaches, and as the implementation begins. As the deadline for Part 117 implementation approaches, Local 1224 will also remain fully engaged in working to have cargo carriers included in the new rules. Local 1224 is a strong proponent of the “One Level of Safety” concept, and strongly believes that Part 117 should apply to all of its carriers.

Any Local 1224 member interested in serving on the Part 117 Flight/Duty Time Regulations Implementation Committee, please contact Captain McCabe at kmccabe@apa1224.org

Even if you are at an all-cargo carrier, where Part 117 does not currently apply, your participation is welcome. Please step up and join this committee. It is extremely crucial to all of our careers.

Submitted by Russ Leighton

Industry News

Governmental and Regulatory

As a result of budget cuts from sequestration, the Federal Aviation Administration has instituted a hiring freeze for air-traffic controllers.

The head of the Transportation Security Administration is defending his decision to allow passengers to carry small knives aboard planes despite opposition from airline executives, pilots and flight attendants unions and lawmakers.

Airline and Industry

Boeing will likely request board approval for its 777X by as soon as the end of next month, sources say.

The proposed merger between US Airways and American Airlines will not harm competition, experts say.

Boeing said it could install a fix for 787 batteries and have the aircraft return to flying soon.

Driving a nail through lithium-ion batteries is a standard test for short circuits, but Boeing needs to do more sophisticated testing for its 787 batteries, experts say.