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Construction Division Holds Meeting for Stewards, Union Officers

Stewards from local unions across the country recently met with representatives from the IBT’s Building Material and Construction Trade Division for training on grievance procedures, jurisdiction and future work under the National Pipeline Agreement. This was part of a four-day Division meeting which stewards, officers and business agents participated in. Days one and two were dedicated strictly to the National Pipeline Agreement and days three and four addressed all other areas of Construction, Redi-Mix, the National Maintenance Agreement and the General Presidents’ Agreement.

“I thought the training for stewards was very informative,” said Dale Perkins, a steward and member of Local 92 in Canton, Ohio.  “I would like to know about more training that is available. I have already done forklift and OSHA training, but I could always use more.”

Bubba Davis, the director of the Division, let attendees know that various training opportunities occur on schedules according to local areas so that it’s best to refer to the Division website for the most up-to-date information. http://www.teamster.org/content/building-material-construction

David LaBorde, Teamsters National Pipeline Director and Central Region Construction Director, along with International Representatives Art Cantu, Stu Helfer, Terry Hancock and John Cuite, also added input. Mike Manley, IBT Legal Department, shared some valued information on Hiring Hall Procedures as well as the National Labor Relations Act.

“Our goal is to keep all of our Business Agents and the Stewards within the Pipeline Industry better informed and more knowledgeable of the National Pipeline Agreement and the training that is available,” LaBorde said. “Our members have been contributing to a National Training Funds for a number of years and it’s time we utilize these funds for the purpose to which they were intended. There will be more construction projects over the next two or three years than we have seen in quite some time. We need to be ready and well-trained to meet these demands.”

Another steward, Robbie Richardson, a member of Local 657 in San Antonio, also appreciated the conference. “Today’s session on pre-jobs and grievance procedures was terrific.  “I normally work out of state on pipeline projects so it’s good to be here with members from all over.”

National master agreements, pipeline construction, hiring hall practices were some of the major topics of presentations during the officers meeting which  was held immediately after the stewards training. Representatives from the IBT’s Safety and Health department provided important background on the OSHA and Hazmat training that they offer. 

“Appropriate equipment training and safe handling of potentially dangerous materials is essential to all of our members,” Davis said. “With more construction projects today involving teardowns of older, existing structures, our members must have the proper tools and expertise to do the best job they can. Quality construction and safe on-the-job practices are hallmarks of Teamster construction projects nationwide, but we must continually update our knowledge and training in order to maintain that high standard.”

For more information, please see the Division webpage http://www.teamster.org/content/building-material-construction