Stay Strong! Know Your Rights!

As the frontrunner in the representation campaign at AA, the Teamsters are a big target for other groups that want to deny us the right to have Teamster power. That also means those of us who support the Teamsters need to know our rights under the RLA and be ready to report any incident of harassment or intimidation, whether it’s coming from the company, the TWU, AMFA, or the IAM.

Click here to read the Know Your Rights to Organize factsheet. It includes an incident report form that you can fill out to report any instances of harassment or intimidation.

The factsheet points to Section 2, Fourth of the Railway Labor Act, which guarantees our right to organize or join a union free of interference by any carrier or organization. We have the right to wear pro-Teamster materials at work and to distribute pro-Teamster materials in non-work areas during non-work time. We also have the right to hand out and wear Teamster stickers and to place them on personal items like clothing and tool boxes, as long as it’s not company property.

The law is clear that we can post Teamster-related material on general-use bulletin boards. Anyone removing fliers related to our organizing drive is violating our RLA rights and it should be reported to the Teamsters. As the factsheet states, harassment based on union support is just as illegal as harassment based on gender, age, race or religion.

Check out the Know Your Rights factsheet and share it with your coworkers. Let’s stay strong and keep getting cards signed. We’re ahead of the pack but still need more Teamster cards signed.

With the TEAMSTERS We Can WIN!

For more information, visit the AA Mechanics for Teamsters campaign website or call 877-589-4951