Hoffa Hears Earful From Mechanics in Charlotte

Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa visited US Airways mechanics and related in Charlotte on Wednesday, April 10 to hear about the problems and challenges they are facing. The workers, who are leaders in the campaign to form a union with the Teamsters, gave him an earful about their problems and the terrible representation they are getting from the IAM.

“It’s great to be in Charlotte and hear your concerns and learn firsthand what needs to be done,” Hoffa said. “This campaign is about improving your futures, and as Teamsters you will have the backing of the fastest growing and strongest aviation union in North America.”

Mechanics shared their concerns about outsourcing, the lack of a voice on the job, a worthless grievance procedure and more. They also discussed the poor representation from the IAM.

“There is no union presence, there is no sense of pride,” said Blake Silverstein from Philadelphia, describing the IAM’s lack of representation.

Bob Hilleary, from Phoenix, said he worked under a Teamster contract when he worked at America West. That contract was superior to the concessionary contracts negotiated by the IAM at US Airways.

“The representation we have now is a joke,” he said.

“We are building the strongest aviation union and our track record of saving jobs is second to none,” Hoffa said. “We have a bold vision, the necessary resources, the power and experience to improve standards for mechanics and related. We are the game-changing union in the aviation industry and we represent more than 18,000 mechanics and related. When we organize the 15,000 mechanics at US Air and American, that number will soar to more than 33,000. That is Teamster power.”


For more information, visit the US Airways Fresh Start campaign website or call the campaign hotline at 1-800-786-9627.