Hoffa Visits with US Airways, AA Mechanics in Charlotte, Tulsa

On April 10, Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa visited US Airways mechanics and related in Charlotte to hear about their concerns, then a week later made a similar visit to AA mechanics and related in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Hoffa with AA mechanics in Tulsa“I gained a lot of valuable insight during these two visits,” Hoffa said. “The mechanics and related are concerned about their jobs and what will happen as the merger moves forward. I talked about the Teamsters’ strong record at Continental and United and how the Teamsters’ track record of saving jobs is second to none, and how we are the only union out there that can get the job done. We have a bold vision and the power and experience to improve standards at both airlines. These were two very productive meetings and I look forward to more events as we move forward together.”

In Charlotte, mechanics shared their concerns about outsourcing, the lack of a voice on the job, a worthless grievance procedure and the IAM’s overall poor representation.

“There is no union presence, there is no sense of pride,” said Blake Silverstein from Philadelphia, describing the IAM’s lack of representation.

In Tulsa, mechanics told Hoffa about the hardships and devastation brought on by bankruptcy and 25 years of concessionary bargaining. Concerns about outsourcing, jobs lost at the AFW base, and frozen pensions were voiced during the meeting.Hoffa with US Airways mechanics in Charlotte

Bill Wheeler, a 26-year mechanic in Tulsa, described a recent example of AA management and TWU agreeing to outsource narrow/wide body starters, causing numerous delays because the vendor could not do the job AA mechanics do in-house.

“This is just another example of poor management decisions and weak TWU representation. We need the Teamsters now more than ever,” he said.


For more information, visit us on the web at AA Mechanics for Teamsters and US Airways Fresh Start. Call the campaign hotline for AA at 877-589-4951 and the US Airways Fresh Start hotline at 1-800-786-9627.