Teamster Strength Vs. TWU Weakness – You Decide

It's no surprise that our campaign for the Teamsters has inspired a lot of rhetoric by those who want to stop us from becoming Teamsters. Namely, our current weak union, the TWU, has been working feverishly against our efforts to have powerful Teamster representation at AA. But facts matter. As we decide who we want to represent us and take on American Airlines, we need to understand what we stand to gain as Teamsters versus what we risk losing under our current representation.

Click here to see the hard data comparing the Teamsters and the TWU.

This factsheet measures both unions on a number of levels, including size, resources and quality of representation. What we learn by looking at this information is that the Teamsters have many important strengths that the TWU simply doesn’t. The Teamsters are much larger, have a lot more resources and have a stronger record representing mechanics in our industry.

As we prepare for the uncertainties that lie ahead with the merger, we cannot take our chances with the TWU’s poor representation. As Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa told mechanics in Tulsa last night, the TWU is too easily pushed around. By contrast, the Teamsters command respect from management. They handle grievances efficiently and successfully, maintaining independence from the company and building member-driven union power. With a history of protecting mechanic jobs and bringing outsourced work back in house, the Teamsters are the change we need as AA mechanics and related.

Check out this factsheet and share it with your coworkers. We are close to filing for an election but we need more cards to get it right and show our strength. SIGN A TEAMSTER CARD and tell your coworkers it’s time they signed one, too.

With the TEAMSTERS We Will WIN!

For more information, visit the AA Mechanics for Teamsters campaign website or call the campaign hotline at 877-589-4951.