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UAL CAL CMI Negotiations Update – March 30, 2013

Negotiations continued the week of March 18th with proof reading the final pass between the parties of the articles discussed so far. Once this was completed, a full copy of all the articles with the suggested corrections was discussed with our legal representative and then sent to the company for review. New items and those items not already agreed to will be discussed starting next week in phase two of the process.  

Articles that are on this list are;

Article 2 – Definitions

Article 3 – Covered Crafts, Classifications, Qualifications and Bid Areas

Article 4 – Seniority

Article 5 – Filling Of Vacancies

Article 6 – Reduction-In-Force (RIF) and Recall

Article 7 – Hours of Service

Article 8 – Holidays

Article 9 – Vacations

Article 10 – Leaves of Absence

Article 11 – Sick Leave and Occupational Injury

Article 12 – Field Trips

Article 13 − Training

Article 14 – Safety & Health

Article 17 – Overtime

Article 18 – Union Security and Representation

Article 19 – Grievance Procedure

Article 20 – Board of Arbitration

Article 21 – General and Miscellaneous

While this list might seem extensive, it should be noted that the overwhelming majority of the changes to the content of each of these articles has been discussed and agreed to by the parties. These suggested changes were the product of the recommendations from the membership and the steering committee. Language that could not reach an agreement or parts of articles that contained economic properties will be discussed further in the next phase of negotiations.

The parties took this last week to be at their home stations. Next week the parties will reconvene in Chicago along with Senior Mediator Pat Sims and Mediator Michael Kelliher. The committee will be given a presentation by the company on the present and future economic state of the airline which is a normal part of any negotiations. After that presentation is complete the union committee will meet with our actuaries and economists to continue preparation for phase two of negotiations including all economic items.

Furloughed members urged to update their addresses

Members on furlough are advised to keep their addresses current with the company while on layoff. It is predicted that there will be many movements this year and there have been several members that have been removed from the seniority list because old addresses were on file when notices were sent.

If you are in touch with a furloughed member, please forward this information to them. Updates may be emailed to: ESC@united.com . The ESC will provide a fax number and ask members to send the address change accompanied with a signature.

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Boston Local 25

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Cleveland Local 964

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