Airline Division News, Week Ending May 5, 2013

UAL Negotiations Update

UAL negotiations continued in Chicago this week reviewing the comprehensive proposal to Phase 2 subjects exchanged with the carrier in last week’s session. Each item from the Companies initial proposal was broken down by the committee and discussed in detail. The union team then took another look at the Teamster proposals to determine where adjustments or agreements might possibly be made. Meanwhile, the subcommittees continued to meet and discuss benefit details in an effort to come to a mutual agreement. Cheiron actuaries Gaelle Gravot and Peter Hardcastle assisted the subcommittees and were facilitated by Michael Kelleher from the NMB.

On Wednesday, the Negotiating Committee received a presentation from IBT EAP Coordinator Caleb Goode. The presentation included briefings on the company’s planned/proposed changes to their drug/alcohol policy. Discussions were held within the committee regarding how to proceed with contractual language changes with regard to the IBT’s EAP program on United Airlines, as well as clarification of the program on the property.

The parties continue to make progress and the discussions will continue the week of May 6th in Chicago 

ExpressJet Negotiations Continue

Negotiations resumed on April 29th in Philadelphia. Discussions continued on Section Overtime and the union passed its first proposal on Section 8, Vacation.

No tentative agreements were reached at this session.

Negotiations will resume on May 21st in Washington, D. C. at the offices of the National Mediation Board.

Airline Division Mourns the loss of National Airlines Flight 102

The Airline Division joins all in the aviation community in mourning the tragic loss of National Airlines Flight 102. The flight; which was departing Baghram Air Force Base in Afghanistan, crashed immediately after takeoff, resulting in the loss of all aboard.

“This was an especially sobering loss for all of us in the industry,” said Airline Division Director David Bourne. “We lost people from across our industry; pilots, mechanics and loadmasters in a horrific manner. While it will no doubt prove helpful during the investigation, the dash camera video of the final moments leading to the crash made this an even more painful. Having many hours experience in the 747-400, I can only imagine the heroic efforts of the crew in the final moments. This only serves to remind us of the dangers of the profession for all involved and how important it is that we do everything we can to support each other in our jobs.”

“While they may not have been fellow Teamsters, they were fellow pilots, mechanics and loadmasters. We are lessened by their loss and join in sending our thoughts, prayers and condolences to their families, friends and the National Airlines family,” he concluded.

Airline Industry News

Governmental and Regulatory

President Obama said Tuesday that the recently approved bill to end air traffic controller furloughs will not eliminate the problems the sequester will cause for airline passengers.

Anthony Foxx, the mayor of Charlotte, N.C., was nominated by President Barack Obama for the post of secretary of transportation.

Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick, R-Pa., has proposed a bill to add a second set of safety barriers to airline cockpits.

Airlines and Industry

Pinnacle Airlines emerged from bankruptcy on Wednesday as a subsidiary of Delta Air Lines.

Boeing has started marketing the updated version of its 777, known as the 777X, to customers.

Compass Airlines flight attendants voted to approve a five-year labor contract on Wednesday.

Republic Airways Holdings said the company is still planning to divest its Frontier unit by June or July, but would not comment on possible buyers.

IPads eliminate pilot documentation packs and save fuel, according to an American Airlines executive.

On Saturday, an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 787 was the first to return to the skies since the January grounding of the aircraft.