Do the Math: TWU + IAM = Disaster for AA-US Air Mechanics

Dear AA and US Airways Mechanics and Related Coworkers:

An announcement is expected to be made shortly about a deal between the TWU and the IAM to jointly represent us at the newly-merged American Airlines. Mechanics and related at both airlines have endured years of concessions and devastating setbacks due to the weak representation we have suffered under the TWU and IAM. Now these two failing unions are coming together to force an even more colossal failure upon us.

This match made in desperation between two unions that have a history of fighting each other is a transparent effort to undermine our campaigns at AA and US Airways to change from weak representation to strong Teamster power. We only need to look at what we have lost at both airlines to know what a TWU-IAM alliance will lead to. It will be a combined failure at the new American – a dysfunctional alliance that will bring nothing but chaos and disaster for mechanics and related.

The bottom line is that two wrongs don’t make a right. This cynical move to jointly represent us is a recipe for even greater concessions, outsourcing and falling standards than what we’ve already experienced. The TWU and the IAM have had their chance. We’ve been through enough and this proposed marriage will end badly – not for them, but for us!

One thing is for certain: a TWU-IAM partnership will fail. It will not derail our drive for the strong Teamster representation we need and deserve at AA and US Airways. Let’s stay strong and stick together.


In Solidarity,

AA Mechanics for Teamsters Organizing Committee and US Airways Fresh Start Organizing Committee

For more information, visit us on the web at AA Mechanics for Teamsters and US Airways Fresh Start. Call the campaign hotline for AA at 877-589-4951 and the US Airways Fresh Start hotline at 1-800-786-9627.