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Massachusetts Firefighters Join Teamsters Local 170

They put their own lives at risk to protect the citizens of Webster, Mass. Now, the 41 part-time firefighters with the Webster Fire Department have their own protection—Teamster representation.

The firefighters recently voted to join Local 170 in Worcester, Mass., after years of difficulty in gaining a contract and recognition from their employer. They previously had an association that they disbanded when they decided to join the Teamsters.

Webster, like other towns in Massachusetts, employs part-time, on-call firefighters.

Ed Sterczala was once a member of Local 170 when he worked for Kellogg’s. Sterczala thought of his time as a Teamster when it became clear that he and his co-workers needed strong representation.

“We’re not looking to make a ton of money; we just want a fair wage and a fair contract,” said Sterczala, who has worked as a firefighter for 10 years.

“Most of the issues are around representation. They needed a strong union to secure their benefits, wages and a legally binding contract which we will enforce,” said Mike Hogan, Secretary-Treasurer of Local 170.

“These brave workers knew that when they needed someone to represent them, the right choice was Teamsters Local 170. I am very happy to welcome them into our Teamster family,” said Paul Stuart, an organizer with the Teamsters.