TAMC Applauds US Airways Mechanics for Filing for Election

US Airways mechanics and related created quite a buzz last week after filing at the NMB for their Teamster election. And while there was widespread media coverage of this momentous achievement at US Airways, most of the press missed the point of our story and instead focused on unions fighting each other. That’s why we like the Teamster Aviation Mechanics Coalition report on the US Airways filing. It focuses on what this is really about: US Airways mechanics and AA mechanics standing together to fight for our craft and secure our future.

Click here to read the “Teamster Aviation Professional” Special Edition report from the TAMC.

The TAMC is our voice in the aviation industry. It brings the focus of a craft union for aviation mechanics along with the powerful backing of a 1.4 million strong industrial union. With 18,000 mechanics and related members, the TAMC has been leading the fight against aircraft maintenance outsourcing and giving a strong voice to mechanics throughout the industry.

“I want to congratulate the US Airways mechanics who started this campaign to become Teamsters,” said TAMC Chair Chris Moore. “This has truly been a rank-and-file mechanic-led organizing effort. The workers have been running a phenomenal campaign with the help of the Teamsters Organizing Department, the Airline Division and the TAMC. Today’s filing is a big step toward growing the ranks of the TAMC to over 30,000 mechanics. That gives us huge power to fight for the aviation mechanics craft nationwide.”

Read the TAMC special report on the US Airways mechanics’ filing.


For more information, visit us on the web at AA Mechanics for Teamsters and US Airways Fresh Start. Call the campaign hotline for AA at 877-589-4951 and the US Airways Fresh Start hotline at 1-800-786-9627.