The REAL United Airlines Outsourcing Story

The TWU likes to rewrite history. It’s convenient for them to look at the outsourcing of maintenance work at United Airlines and pin it on the Teamsters. It’s also plainly dishonest. Heavy maintenance for 747 and 777 aircraft at UAL was indeed outsourced to China – but not under the Teamsters.

Click here for the REAL UAL outsourcing story, including the timeline of events.

The flier explains that thousands of mechanic jobs were outsourced beginning in the late 1990s under the IAM. It was in 2005 that AMFA opened the door to heavy maintenance outsourcing for the 747 fleet to China and the 777 fleet to Korea. And that same year UAL entered an agreement with AMECO to perform maintenance on the 777 at its hanger in Beijing.

As UAL mechanic Mark Gabriel explains, “All of the outsourcing to China that I’ve seen at United was negotiated on AMFA’s watch. We watched the IAM open the door to outsourcing heavy maintenance and in 2005 AMFA let the company move 747 and 777 maintenance to China and Korea. With our current Teamster scope language, jobs are protected and work is coming back.”

Other than AMFA, who else has been outsourcing airline mechanic jobs to China? The TWU! Last year one thousand 777 Main Base Visit and Nose Gear Steering modification jobs went to Haeco, a vendor in Hong Kong. Meanwhile at UAL, the Teamsters have language that recaptures line maintenance and GSE work done by outside vendors and provides no-furlough protection.

Check out the REAL UAL outsourcing story and share it with coworkers at your station.

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For more information, visit the AA Mechanics for Teamsters website or call the hotline at 877-589-4951.