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UPS National Agreement Ratified By Members

Today the vote count on the UPS National Agreement, Supplements and Riders was concluded.  The National Agreement in its entirety has been ratified by the members.  This means that all articles of the Agreement have been agreed to. 

Some of the Supplements and Riders did not get a majority of votes from those members who voted.  They are: Central Region Supplement, Ohio Rider, Michigan Rider, Local Union 243 Rider, Local Union 177 (both Drivers and Mechanics), Local Union 804, Upstate NY, Metro Philadelphia, Local Union 623, Western Pennsylvania, Southwest Package and Sort, Western Region Supplement, Local Union 89, Local Union 135, Trailer Conditioners (TCI), and Latin America Inc. 

The National Negotiating Committee will continue to work with the negotiating committees for the Supplements and Riders that did not get a majority of votes for ratification to resolve the issues in each area in order to achieve our members’ goals.