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Allied Bankruptcy Claim Documents Due August 2

As we previously mentioned in an update on June 11 and a subsequent conference call that the Bankruptcy Court in Allied Systems Holdings bankruptcy case has set a bar date of August 2, 2013 for the filing of claims that arose prior to the bankruptcy filing petition dates in May and June of 2012.  Attached for your use are the following documents:

1)      A memorandum “Final Claim Form Instructions” providing instructions on how to fill out the claim form;

2)      The Official Claim Form to be filled out by the Local Union titled “Local Union Claim Form,” and

3)      A document “Final Attachment to Teamsters Local Union Proof of Claim Form” that should be submitted as an attachment to item #2 “Local Union Claim Form.”

It is important that you review the instructions carefully and submit the Forms in a timely manner – prior to 12 am EDT on Thursday, August 2, 2013.