UAL CAL CMI Mechanics Update – July 11, 2013

Principal Officer and Business Agent Meeting

Teamster Business Agents and Principal Officers representing the combined carriers met in Washington, DC on July 8th to discuss the current status of the negotiations at United Airlines. Collectively, the group decided it would be best to reconvene the steering committee prior to any interaction with the carrier. The group decided that reconvening the full committee would allow for discussions both about what transpired during the facilitated talks as well as an opportunity to fully explore options moving forward. Dates and locations were then discussed for the reconvening of the steering committee. The second half of the day was spent discussing scope related issues as well as how the company is currently interpreting the language in the three agreements. It became clear that there were several issues that would need to be moved into the grievance process.

Seniority Update

Two members of the Seniority Integration Committee (SIC) met for several weeks during May to start the construction of a merged sUA/sCO/sCMI seniority list. The two committee members worked hand in hand with the company representatives assigned to blending the three lists covering mechanic and related classifications into one. While progress was made in applying the recommendations of the full SIC, there are unresolved concerns that still prevent us from having a finalized merged Seniority list. Some outstanding questions related to merging the seniority lists have required additional clarification from IBT Legal.  Other changes will be dependent on the outcome of negotiations leading to a Tentative Agreement.

A majority of time was spent applying the provisions of the Consent Decree, on sCO and sCMI technician dates, in preparation for an integrated Furlough/Recall Date (Consent Decree Date) list. This process requires building an entirely new Furlough/Recall Seniority Date list for sCO and sCMI, and involves a time consuming review of records in order to comply with the Consent Decree. Company personnel files detailing employment history have been made available in order to ascertain accurate dates and methods for Seniority list integration.

The work on combining the list will continue in agreement with the parties on the first opportunity regardless and separate of the anticipated negotiating schedule.