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UPS Contract Update

As you are aware, the national agreement was approved by a majority of Teamsters who voted.  However, 17 supplements and riders were not approved. 

Unfortunately, until all of the supplements and riders have been approved, the wage increases, benefit increases and language improvements dealing with issues such as 9.5, harassment, SurePost, Premium Services, military leave, additional full time jobs, and an increase in the starting wage for part-timers cannot be implemented. 

The bargaining committees are working with their members to make changes to the supplements and riders that did not receive a majority of votes so that they can address issues and send them out for balloting. 

When negotiations opened, UPS was demanding major concessions in health care, including the proposal that UPS employees pay a significant share of the monthly premium currently paid entirely by the company. We attempted, and we believe we were successful, in bargaining a new health care plan, TeamCare, that is comparable to the former UPS company plan and does not require UPS Teamsters to pay a monthly premium.  Nevertheless, the prospect of changing health care plans produced uncertainty among many UPS members and, in some areas, led to a vote against some of the supplemental agreements.

Although some members voted down their supplements because they were unhappy with a change in their health care, it is the national agreement that covers economic issues, including health care. Because it was approved by the membership, it is a binding agreement that cannot and will not be re-opened. 

Now that the new TeamCare plan has been ratified in the national agreement, the International will begin an effort to educate members on its basic features. The International believes members will find that it is an excellent health care plan and that the benefits are comparable to those they had under the company plan and superior to those that most Americans receive.

However, the National Negotiating Committee will be working with the TeamCare trustees and administration to make improvements in areas that members were most concerned with. In the end, this will make TeamCare a comparable plan to the UPS company plan and UPS Teamsters will continue to receive excellent health care benefits with very low out of pocket costs, including not having to pay a monthly premium.