VIDEO: Teamsters Straight Talk

At AA and US Airways, we’re getting ready to vote for the future of aviation maintenance. We know this is bigger than an election – it’s about getting the representation we deserve and winning a secure future for our craft. “Bring back the respect, pride and dignity to the work we do every day – vote Teamsters,” says AA mechanic Angelo Balbo.

Click here to WATCH THE VIDEO with AA and US Airways mechanics explaining why they are voting for the Teamsters at the world’s largest airline.

“I’m voting for the Teamsters because I believe they are a powerful union that will give us a strong voice and help secure our future as the New American Airlines,” says Blake Silverstein, a US Airways mechanic from Philadelphia who speaks to his coworkers in the video.

“Regardless of your age or time with the company, we all have something in common: a bad taste in our mouth that is our current representation. The best remedy for that is a fresh start. That’s why in July I’m voting for the Teamsters,” Blake says in the video.

Angelo, an AA mechanic from JFK, says we need a union that isn’t afraid to take on management. “I’m voting for the Teamsters because we need a union that will fight for the future of our profession, not a union that is more concerned about not pissing off management. I’m proud to stand with my brothers and sisters both at American Airlines and US Airways to vote for change with the Teamsters,” says Angelo.

Watch the full video today and share it with your coworkers.


For more information, visit us on the web at AA Mechanics for Teamsters and US Airways Fresh Start. Call the campaign hotline for AA at 877-589-4951 and the US Airways Fresh Start hotline at 1-800-786-9627.