The Voting Period for US Airways Mechanics & Related Has Begun!

Our future brothers and sisters at US Airways have entered the most decisive and exciting phase of their Teamster campaign. On Monday, the National Mediation Board mailed out ballot instructions to US Airways mechanics and related. This week they begin casting their votes by phone and internet for Teamster representation – we’re not far behind them. Soon we hope to receive dates for our election at AA.

This election period at US Airways is as exciting for us as AA mechanics and related as it is for our US Airways brothers and sisters. Together, we are well on our way to building a 33,000-strong airline mechanics and related union with the power to raise standards at the world’s largest airline.

At noon on Monday, the NMB mailed out ballot instructions to US Airways mechanics. Their election period runs from July 8 to August 12. Votes will be tallied at the NMB on August 12 and we are confident that our future coworkers will be victorious in winning Teamster representation. We will celebrate their success as we prepare for our own election shortly thereafter. Like us, US Airways mechanics and related are tired of weak, concessionary representation. While US Airways is a highly profitable airline, US Airways mechanics are at the bottom of industry pay scales with low benefits and low job protection. They want a union with the strength to push back against outsourcing and secure a strong retirement future for its mechanic and related members.

For us, we continue to go through the routine procedures at the NMB to verify that the list of eligible AA voters is accurate. Once that process is settled, we look forward to the NMB ruling in favor of our showing of interest and issuing election dates. Then we can finally end decades of concessionary bargaining and TWU’s cozy relationship with management. We’ll finally have a union that is honest with its members and has real industry power to fight to advance the mechanics and related craft at the new American Airlines.

It’s important for us to stand in solidarity with our US Air brothers and sisters and to stay informed on developments related to the US Airways Teamster election. With the merger, what happens at US Airways will ultimately impact us here at AA, too. We will keep you posted on the progress of US Airways mechanics and related while we mobilize our own ranks for our upcoming election as well.

With the TEAMSTERS We Can WIN!

For more information, visit the AA Mechanics for Teamsters website or call the hotline at 877-589-4951.