We Are Voting Strong for a Fresh Start as Teamsters

Last week our election for a fresh start at US Airways got underway. Ballot instructions from the National Mediation Board started arriving in mailboxes on Thursday. Mechanics and related at US Airways have been voting in large numbers since last week and the ballots for Teamster representation keep rolling in.

“After so many years of IAM concessions and so many months of organizing for a fresh start as Teamsters, it feels good to finally be voting for the industry-leading Teamster representation we need at US Airways,” said Dwight Hopkins, a mechanic at DCA. “I cast my ballot for the Teamsters as soon as I got my instructions in the mail. I can’t wait to finally have the power of the strongest and largest union for airline mechanics and related fighting for us to secure our future and raise standards for our craft.”

Our voting period officially began last Monday and runs through August 12 when all of the votes will be tallied at the NMB.

We’re excited to have this opportunity to change to strong representation and we know our future brothers and sisters at American Airlines are not far behind us. They are closely watching our progress here at US Airways and they are taking inspiration from our campaign. Soon they too will have the chance to vote in the Teamsters.

“After we win Teamster representation at US Airways, we look forward to supporting our brothers and sisters at American Airlines as they enter the voting period,” said Hopkins.

It’s going to take the strength of a powerful transportation union with over 30,000 mechanics and related to protect our jobs and restore our dignity at the new American.

These are exciting times for mechanics and related at both US Airways and AA. Together, we are building unstoppable union power for our profession as Teamsters at the world’s largest airline.

If you’ve received you ballot instructions but haven’t voted yet, please do so now – it only takes a few short minutes to cast your vote!

If you still have not received your voting instructions, please call 1 (800) 786-9627. Visit our US Air Voter Information page for more info.


For more information, visit the US Airways Fresh Start campaign website or call the campaign hotline at 1-800-786-9627.