VIDEO: Let’s Win BIG – A Message from Mechanic Dwight Hopkins

A new video from US Airways mechanic Dwight Hopkins from DCA makes the case for why each and every vote in this election for a Fresh Start as Teamsters is so important. Winning is important, but winning big will make us even stronger as Teamsters as we fight for the improvements we need at US Airways.

Click here to watch the video from Brother Hopkins.

“It is not good enough to win this election,” says Dwight. “We need to win by the widest margin possible. A big win will send US Airways the message that we, as Teamsters, mean business. A big win will make it loud and clear to the company that we are united and determined to win a strong contract that will reverse the concessions and givebacks that have been forced upon us by the IAM.”

If you have not voted yet, watch this video and stand with your coworkers – vote now for a Fresh Start with the Teamsters at US Airways!

Watch the video and share with other mechanics and related at your station.


For more information, visit the US Airways Fresh Start campaign website or call the campaign hotline at 1-800-786-9627.