Rerun Election: How We Got Here

During the 2012 election campaign, the Teamsters Brewery Conference filed a series of unfair labor practice charges and election protests with the National Labor Relations Board over what we considered to be violations of the rights of Shenandoah employees.

After a thorough investigation, the NLRB issued a Complaint which identified certain Company officials and the multiple violations to be established at the hearing on April 29, 2013.

In conjunction with the NLRB, the Teamsters and the Company reached a Stipulation Agreement to set aside the 2012 election and to have the NLRB  conduct a rerun election this Fall.

The parties also agreed to a joint letter from Dave Laughton and Tom Long where “ MillerCoors confirms its commitment that employees are not to be subjected to interrogation concerning their union activity nor coerced concerning their decision to support or not support a labor organization, nor threatened with adverse consequences of unionization.”

A set of Election Guidelines were jointly agreed to for the rerun election “to minimize disputes.”

Finally, the NLRB issued an Order acknowledging the parties’ settlement, but warned that “Upon application by the Charging Party, supported by evidence that the terms of the settlement have not been complied with, the charges are subject to reinstatement for further processing.”

In plain English, if the Company violates the settlement, the NLRB can reactivate the unfair labor practice Complaint, continue to litigate against the Company and seek appropriate remedies.