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Teamsters Welcome Capital Trucking Drivers

Local 696 welcomes 20 short haul dump truck drivers from Capital Trucking to the ranks after a 13-2 organizing victory on October 30.  Since Labor Day, Local 696 Teamsters have worked to organize these new workers.  “As an employee of Capital Trucking, I believe this is an opportunity … to come to the table,” said new member Larry Faught.  “If we work together, it will be to both parties benefit.”

Drivers at the Topeka, Kansas company want more respect from management.  Although other workers at the company have access to a break room, drivers are banned from the room.  They also want consistency in wages – drivers are paid by load, but aren’t told what the load is worth until after they’ve already hauled it.  “Capital Trucking employees seized an opportunity to secure their future for their families and themselves this morning,” said Mike Scribner, Local 696 president.  “We look forward to representing them.”