Economic Justice for All


Teamster members and locals around the country have been taking a stand for economic justice.

“Our union has always fought on behalf of working families who don’t have a voice,” said Jim Hoffa, Teamsters General President. “Our message on behalf of economic justice for all workers has gotten renewed attention as others are realizing that greedy corporations and lawmakers won’t change unless we force them to.”

Here’s a sampling of some recent Teamster activity:

Long Beach, Calif.: Local 848 members rallied with port drivers during a 24-hour strike earlier this year to protest wage theft, unsafe working conditions and low wages at Green Fleet Systems.

Tampa, Fla.: “The labor struggle has gone above union versus nonunion people. Now, it’s about the survival of the middle class,” said Randy Pines, Vice President of the Teamster Hispanic Caucus during the August 29 fast food worker strike. Several Local 79 members also attended the event.

Washington, D.C.: Teamsters from across the country gathered on the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington to focus on economic justice reforms. Local 665 Business Agent Edward Carter attended, saying “The March on Washington took place because of the need for good jobs. Today is about spreading the word, letting people know the truth.”

Detroit, Mich.: Joint Council 43 and Local 299 joined tens of thousands of union members and community leaders in protesting for workplace equality after right to work became state law. “We wanted everybody to come out,” said Kevin Moore, Local 299 President. “And they did.”

Atlanta, Ga.: U.S. Rep. John Lewis joined Local 728 members in rallying with fast food strikers during the August 29 nationwide low wage worker strikes.

“The Teamsters Union will continue to fight on behalf of workers who are not getting a fair deal from their employer,” Hoffa said.