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We’re Ready to Fight Back! Send Us Info on DCTC Enforcement of New Dome Lights

We have received information that some drivers have had their cabs ticketed and towed by the city for not changing their dome lights. This is an outrageous move by the DC Taxicab Commission. The Washington DC Taxi Operators Association, Teamsters Local 922 is ready to fight back!

On Monday we will make our voices heard to protest this unjust action. Details will follow. In the meantime, if you have any information on you or other drivers being targeted by DCTC for not having new dome lights installed, please call 202-497-5436 or email dctaxidrivers@gmail.com. We need to collect photos and other evidence if the city is enforcing this unreasonable regulation against drivers.

The commission has failed to give us adequate time to meet new regulations and they have failed to communicate with drivers about deadlines. Yet now they have the nerve to punish drivers for not complying. All drivers need to stand together so we are ready to fight back.

For more information, please visit http://www.teamster.org/dctaxi.