This Year, Take Amtrak


“I’m dedicated to providing safe, reliable transportation when I run the Amtrak train from Washington to New York,” said Herb Harris, a Teamsters Rail Conference member.

As a 15-year member of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen, Harris is one of the many engineers, trainmen and maintenance of way employees that keep America’s long-range passenger rail line on time and safe.

The Amtrak system was created in the early 1970s after Congress decided to consolidate the various passenger rail systems that ran along the East Coast, through the Midwest and along the West Coast. Once this was established, the line became the largest passenger rail system in the world.

“With the holidays approaching, everyone should consider riding on Amtrak to their destination,” said Dennis Pierce, President of the Teamsters Rail Conference. “The Amtrak system makes it easy to board a train, relax, sleep or get work done and then disembark at your destination. My family and I have ridden Amtrak over the years and have always enjoyed the experience.”

For more information about Amtrak, visit www.Amtrak.com.