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Massachusetts Highway Workers Choose Teamsters


Workers in Newbury Join Teamsters Local 170

They keep the roads clean, plowed and safe, and now they have Teamster representation to secure their working conditions.

The six staff with the Newbury Highway Department in Newbury, Mass., have joined Teamsters Local 170 in Worcester, Mass., through card-check.

“Everyone’s happy about joining the Teamsters,” said James Sarette, who has worked for the highway department for 17 years. “We felt we were losing ground. The highway department the next town over has Teamsters Local 170 representation and they like it.”

“These workers wanted representation and they came to the right union,” said Mike Hogan, Secretary-Treasurer of Local 170. “We now represent members at 12 different highway departments.”

The new members in Newbury perform highway maintenance, including plowing, sanding, paving and road repairs. Paul Stuart, an organizer with the Teamsters, said the workers contacted him, enthusiastic to sign up to join Local 170.

“They signed cards, which were then filed with the Department of Labor Relations. The town was contacted, and they agreed to recognize the union,” Stuart said.

The next step is to sit down with the town to negotiate a contract.

“These members know the power of having a written contract and protections,” Stuart said.