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Calling All D.C. Taxi Drivers: Volunteer Now In Fight to Defend Rights


The Washington, D.C. Taxi Operators Association (WDCTOA) needs members to volunteer their time, diverse skill and knowledge now!

Members’ participation is more important than ever to strengthen our association to move to the next level! You have taken the first step by forming and joining your association.

Whenever we congregate with our fellow drivers, we have talked and discussed what has to be done and how things ought to be in order to defend our rights. Drivers, this is that moment, this is that time, to actively participate and put those ideas into action!

In fact, as members, we all have the responsibility to participate in the association beyond a mere talk or discussions.

A few volunteers CANNOT do all the things all the time! Two heads are better than one. By sharing one job, more people can often put more energy and creativity into the work. The Washington, D.C. taxicab operators are very educated and skilled in diverse fields. The association critically needs you and your time to put those skills and knowledge to work NOW.

Our collective and active participation can make a difference! We cannot leave the struggle on the shoulders’ of few individuals.

So, please come forward and let us work together!

Email your contact information, under the title, “VOLUNTEER.”

  1. NAME,

Email it to: dctaxidrivers@gmail.com