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DC Taxi Commission Removes Company As Credit Card Provider


The D.C. Taxi Commission has ordered Gleike to cease operating as a Payment Service Provider (PSP). According to the DCTC, Gleike has failed to meet DCTC regulations following financial problems that have jeopardized the required payments to drivers and payment to the District of the 25-cent surcharge, and other issues. The Washington, D.C. Taxi Operators Association has repeatedly asked to have implementation of the regulations for the PSPs to be halted or re-evaluated. The problems involving Gleike are another example of the problems that have been created by the PSP program. The Association calls on the DCTC to reconsider the regulations on PSPs. The program should be suspended and drivers should be allowed to choose any PSP and not limited to those that the DCTC has approved.

Drivers are fed up with the persistent, ongoing problems associated with the PSPs. A suspension of the program, or at least a deadline extension for appointments, is needed immediately.

The statement from the DCTC can be found at http://dctaxi.dc.gov/release/dc-taxicab-commission-sets-terms-gleike-cease-operations