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Pipeline Construction Workers – Local 657 to Host Training Program


The Teamsters National Pipeline Training Fund in collaboration with Teamsters Local 657 will sponsor a Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) training program on Feb. 16 in Brownswood, Texas.

CSA is the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s new regulation to reduce commercial motor vehicle crashes. The training program will focus on how the regulations affect you as a Teamster driver. Violations under this new federal rule may follow you from workplace to workplace. The training will give you the tools you need to protect your driving record and potential future employment as a driver.

In addition to a general review of a driver’s responsibility, the training program will cover the Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories or 7 BASICS. These are the measurement tools used by the FMCSA to determine a carrier’s safety performance using all roadside inspection safety-based violations. The training is intended for all commercial drivers.

More information about the training can be viewed here.