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Teamsters Urged To Boycott Yuengling Beer


(WASHINGTON) – The General Executive Board recently voted to support a Teamsters Union boycott of Yuengling beer over the owner’s push for anti-union laws.

The owner of D.G. Yuengling & Son Inc., based in Pottsville, Pa., publicly stated that Pennsylvania should become a “right-to-work” for less state. Businesses “shy away when they come into this state and have to join a union,” said company owner and President Dick Yuengling Jr.

Organized labor in Pennsylvania has responded with protests and boycotts. Teamster members and their friends and families are encouraged to actively boycott Yuengling beer products including:

•Lord Chesterfield Ale                                             •Light Lager

•Dark Brewed Porter                                               •Black & Tan

•Traditional Lager.

As substitutes, there are many good brands of beer that Teamster members either produce or deliver. Here is a sample list:

•Bud Light                                                               •Budweiser

•Michelob                                                                •Michelob Light

•Miller Light                                                             •Coors

•Coors Light                                                            •Dundee Ales and Lagers 

•Genesee Beers                                                     •Labatt’s Blue

•Molson Canadian                                                  •Molson Export

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