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YRCW Update, January 16, 2014


Since last Thursday we have had ongoing discussions with YRCW around the company’s next steps since the rejection of the proposed MOU. In light of the rejection we have asked YRCW to review its position with all of its key stakeholders including their existing lenders and potential investors. In addition, as we communicated with Teamster local unions—we have told the company that we will NOT revote the same proposal that was rejected.

The company has requested a meeting to discuss their next steps and “revised proposal.” We have told the company that we are willing to consider a modified proposal that would protect our members and enhance the company’s financial position, but that it must contain meaningful improvements over the last proposal. We plan to stay in close contact with the company to review all possible options.

As you may appreciate the situation is extremely fluid and the International Union will keep local unions and members updated as things develop. In the meantime, the current agreement continues to be in full force and effect and Teamster-represented employees should be encouraged to perform their normal job duties and functions.