DC Taxi Commission Proposes Regulations For Uber X, Lyft, Sidecar


At today’s D.C. Taxi Cab Commission (DCTC) meeting, Chairman Ron Linton introduced a notice for proposed rulemaking about “private sedan services” such as Uber X, Sidecar, Lyft, and others.

The proposal requires background checks, insurance requirements, vehicle safety inspections, licensing and training for all ride share drivers.  This is a step to bring some much-needed regulation to the ride share industry.

On Apri 30, DCTC will have a special meeting for public comment. We encourage D.C. taxi drivers to thoroughly review the complete text at and attend the meeting to give input.

As D.C. taxi drivers know, these “private sedan services” have been operating illegally in D.C. for quite some time. We are continuing to request that the commission take aggressive action against them until a level playing field is established. It’s not fair that they are allowed to operate in our city without even the most basic of regulations. We do applaud the commission for finally taking this first step.