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Road Crew Workers In Polk Township, Pennsylvania, Vote Teamsters


Road crew workers employed by Polk Township, Pa., have recently voted for their first Teamster contract and to be represented by Teamsters Local 773 in Allentown. The contract was unanimously ratified and carries with it significant raises and seniority rights, and the members are now eligible to be part of the Teamster health care plan.

“I would like to thank Teamsters Local 773 for getting the road crew at Polk Township their first contract,” said Hal Touni, a road crew employee. “This has been long overdue and well-deserved. Finally, we have respect and a voice that is heard. This is a perfect example of why unionization can really make a difference.”

The unit of five workers say they are confident they now will be treated fairly with a strong Teamster contract in place.

“We are proud to have the opportunity to hold the employer accountable for what is in this first contract for road workers,” said Dennis Hower, President of Teamsters Local 773.