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Listen To Teamster Nation News For May 28-June 3



Local 727 defends funeral workers at SCI shareholders meeting; Average CEO compensation crosses $10 million in 2013; Cities, states take up raising minimum wage on their own; Student debt takes bite out of economy; Teamsters stand with workers in Sysco/U.S. Foods Merger; This week in Teamster history; Meet Sonny Nardi of Local 416 in Cleveland; and why the middle class can’t afford city living.


Local 727 takes funeral giant SCI to task for mistreatment of Chicago-area workers; Soaring CEO salaries crack eight digits for first time last year; Unions, activists bring minimum wage fight to state capitals, city halls; Rapid increase in student loan debt slows home buying for younger adults; Teamsters rev up campaign to protect members’ jobs at nation’s foodservice giants; Recalling President Hoffa’s first State of the Union speech in 2000; Local 416 president gives the lowdown on the fight for workers in Ohio; and lawmakers need to step up to help keep middle-class workers in the nation’s cities.