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Teamsters: Port Drivers For Skechers Need Your Help


Port drivers are gearing up for a week of online action directed at Skechers shoes and we need your help!

Retail companies profit off of exploited port drivers and hide behind contracted companies and temp agencies. As Skechers holds its annual shareholders meeting this week, we have a rare opportunity to call attention to Skechers responsibility to the drivers who transport their products. 

Monday, May 19 is a Day of Online Action to get as many signatures as we can for the online petition in support of port truck drivers Mateo and Amilcar who were illegally fired for standing up with their coworkers to fight for their Union. Across a number of platforms, we have over 24,000 and have one final push to tell Skechers that Mateo and Amilcar’s families are not alone. We ask that you share the petition on your email lists and post to social media on Monday, May 19.

Monday May 19 to Thursday May 22 is a 4 day Social Media Blitz calling out Skechers. We will send a images, tweets, and posts every day to share.  

Today’s Tweets/Posts:

Sample Tweets

Support exploited #immigrant workers and call on @SKECHERSUSA to stop the abuse! SIGN NOW! https://dailykos.com/campaigns/776

Tell @SKECHERSUSA its not right to profit off of abusing workers and hide behind their contractors. https://dailykos.com/campaigns/776 #SkechersHurts

Did you know @SKECHERSUSA uses #sweatshop labor to haul their shoes? Stop the abuse now! https://dailykos.com/campaigns/776 #SkechersHurts

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We signed in support the port drivers who haul Skechers shoes in their fight for safe and fair working conditions. Skechers should not profit on the exploitation of immigrant workers. Sign now! https://dailykos.com/campaigns/776

Post to https://www.facebook.com/SKECHERS

The workers who haul Skechers shoes are exploited and mistreated. We call on Skechers to demand they be treated with respect and stop sweatshop conditions!