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Tom Morello’s ‘Union Town’ Available For Free


We’re excited to announce that in celebration of May Day, activist and musician Tom Morello (@TomMorello) is offering his “Union Town” EP for free download TODAY ONLY! Enter your email address here to download now. Help us and Tom continue to fight the power! #UnionTown #MayDay

“Here is my Union Town EP available for free download this May Day. This record is dedicated to working people of every nationality, age, color, and religion who have the courage to stand up for justice and dignity in the workplace…and beyond. Enjoy the tunes and fight the power!” Morello said.

Last year, Morello, The Nightwatchman, also made the EP available for free to Teamsters on May Day.

Morello, the pioneering guitarist behind the group Rage Against the Machine, has worked with Teamsters in the past, performing at a 2011 rally in Los Angeles and at the 28th Teamsters Convention. Check out the interview he did with Teamster.org last year.