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Teamsters Local 337 Trash Transporters Ratify First Contract


Drivers who transport trash in their tractor-trailer rigs, who joined Teamsters Local 337 in July 2013 after an anti-worker campaign waged by the company, have overwhelmingly ratified their first contract.

In late May, the drivers at Stafford Transportation in Port Huron, Michigan voted 38-1 to ratify their first contract.

“The contract addresses their concerns about fair wages, respect on the job and more affordable health insurance—they will be covered under the Michigan Conference of Teamsters health fund,” said Jim Parrinello, Local 337 Trustee and organizing director. “We also negotiated sick days, a $100 a week bonus if they work all their scheduled hours in the week, an increased day rate of pay and enrollment in the Teamsters 401(k) plan.”

The workers at Stafford pick up trash in Canada, primarily in the Toronto area, and bring it back to landfills in Michigan. In July 2013, the workers voted 35-10 in favor of joining Local 337 in Detroit.

“The workers endured a long, difficult anti-worker, anti-union campaign waged by the employer and the negotiations were also very challenging,” said Mike Martin, Local 337 President. “The workers remained strong and united and they now have a solid first Teamster contract that addresses their issues.”

There are 45 drivers in the unit, but the company is in the process of hiring more drivers.

“I would like to thank Local 337 administrative assistant and Trustee Todd Lince, Local 337 Trustee Alex Young, stewards Jamie Shell, Chuck Dixon, Dale Randall, International Union Trustee Kevin Moore and Chuck Stiles of the Solid Waste and Recycling Division, all whom were instrumental in this contract victory,”  Parrinello said.