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Teamsters Local 988 Welcomes Houston Laundry Drivers into Union


Laundry drivers at Angelica Linen voted 9-5 yesterday in favor of union representation with Teamsters Local 988 in Houston, Texas. There are 14 drivers in the new bargaining unit.

The drivers, who deliver linens to hospitals and other medical facilities in the Houston area, started organizing for representation two months ago. They came together to win better wages, affordable benefits, fair work rules, and an end to favoritism. 

“When the workers approached us, we were more than happy to help them,” said Robert Mele, President of Local 988. “We worked with the Teamsters Organizing Department to educate the drivers and run a successful organizing effort.”

Angelica Linen drivers in other cities like San Antonio and Dallas are also Teamsters.

“For many years these drivers wanted to form a union and have the same benefits their fellow drivers enjoy in other cities. Now that they have won, we look forward to going into negotiations and giving the workers great representation as members of Local 988,” said Mele.